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– Get Up! Alarm Clock App for PlayBook

March 17, 2012

Do You Press The Snooze Button A Lot? Try The Get Set – Get Up! Alarm Clock App for PlayBook There are quite a few alarm clocks out there but Get Set – Get Up! alarm clock app for PlayBook has a unique spin. The alarm provides increasingly shorter snooze periods and clear indications of […]

– Signal Booster 3.1 for BlackBerry Now Available

March 14, 2012

S4BB Limited just released a new update for Signal Booster; Signal Booster 3.1. This easy to use application is ideal for people who often find themselves in poorly covered network areas. Signal Booster allows you to get the most out of the available signal. Simply press the “Boost!” button. The application then resets your voice, […]

– PhotoClub Blackberry Application

February 5, 2012

PhotoClub Blackberry Application Download the blackberry application PhotoClub. Photo Club helps you to enable blackberry as a funny photos machine!! . PhotoClub can add custom elements, effects, frames, clipart to photos and adjust them. PhotoClub features: – Supported Countries: All Countries – Supported Devices: This application supports all devices – Supported Carriers: All carriers File […]

– Photo Booth for BlackBerry – Takes 4 pictures in photo booth style

May 12, 2011

Photo Booth for BlackBerry – Takes 4 pictures in photo booth style Features include: Takes 4 pictures in a row Takes the pictures by itself, just hold still and make a funny face Photos saved in Photo Booth Style Quick overview and zoom mode in gallery Easy in use & light weight Photo Booth is […]

– Screensaver Manager

May 1, 2011

Screensaver Manager Link : Description: ?Enable ?Select ?Launch, here comes the useful, fancy, sweet screensaver for your BlackBerry®. Screensaver Manager enables your phones have the sweet function, Screensaver! You can select one of our pre loaded screensavers, then launch it, you will enjoy screensaver in power saver, time-out as PC has. 4 MMMOOO dedicate […]