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– Application : Quick Contacts Launcher Free

Quick Contacts Launcher – Open BlackBerry® Contacts from Anywhere.

*) This will add the menu item for all applications. So you can access your BlackBerry® contacts from any where.
*) Click the “Contacts” in menu item you can open contacts from any where in BlackBerry®.
*) The app will help you to open your BlackBerry® contacts very easily.
*) This application is one of the best plug-in for your BlackBerry® Address book. Use this tool save your time and battery.
*) For 5.0 or Higher automatically adds the menu item for 3rd party applications like Yahoo Messenger, BlackBerry® Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Vlingo, BBM, AIM, Messages, SMS, Address Book, Pandora, Calendar, BlackBerry® Travel, Browser, MySpace, Options, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Talk, Poynt, AOL Instant Messenger and many more.

*) QUICK access the BlackBerry® Address book from any where.
*) User Friendly

Size : 13 KB

You can find it at :

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