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– Application : Jajan

Find neraby hawkers and food stalls around you!

Jajan is an app for you to know about what kind of food, delicacy or even businesses with great food around them. Powered by Urbanesia with its 220.000+ strong businesses around Indonesia, Jajan will surely be a great food finder app for you.

It is also a BBM connected application which means you can tell your friends about what’s near you and set up a meeting if you’d like. Get to know the business better from reviews posted by users like you 🙂

Jajan will automatically detect where you are, if it can’t, it will simply ask where you are and will try to pin point the area you typed in. Jajan will not use the GPS functions in you device, we believe batteries in Blackberries are drained enough 🙂

Urbanesia’s fabulous Data Entry team support in the cities below:
– Jakarta
– Bandung
– Surabaya
– Jogjakarta
– Medan
– Bali

Size : 77 KB

You can find it at:

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