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– Snipper Video Sharing App Now Available on BlackBerry App World

Snipper by Serramedia BV is an app that allows you to easily share videos directly from your phone to your friends and followers on social networks. The Snipper system also allows users of the service to subscribe to each other and comment on videos.

Snipper works with short films under one minute in length. Record a film, if necessary trim it down to below a minute, select which of your channels to send to and then send your snippet. It uploads in the background so you don’t have to stare at your screen until it’s done.

You decide who gets to see your film. If it’s just for family and friends then you can create your own private channels, and invite them to join by sending them a secure code via SMS. Only they will receive any films you send to that specific channel. You can also share your film with anyone on Snipper who wants to see what you’re sharing on your public Snipper channel.

Check out this video on how it all works

Download Snipper free from BlackBerry App World.
Download here

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