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– Application Advance OS and LED

Application Advance OS and LED

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Add unrestricted features to your phone such as UNLIMITED LED ID for individual Contact’s (Email & SMS & Calls & BBM). Also LED customization for Battery & Network status, apps like BBM, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Popups for all apps mentioned (with individual BBM chats) , keep Screen backlight ON, Call features like Redial, Save New Numbers, Auto Loud Speaker, Call Timer, Miss Call Notification, Battery Notifications, Vibrate on Call Connect and more.

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# All Features in Version (MAKE SURE YOU SEE v9.8):

——– BBM Features ——–
– Read BBM messages without your friends seeing ‘R’s by enabling the Popup feature.
– Auto Delete your chat history.
– Assign an LED light for Each BBM Contact.
– Filter your BBM Chat popups.

——– LED Features ——–
– LED Effects: Blend, Mix and/or Blink LED light colors.
– LED Color Picker: More than 100 colors and shades available using a color picker, upto 4 colors per contact or app and 14 effects per color.
– LED Caller ID: Unlimited contacts including unlimited BBM contacts.
– Control LED notification time (customizable from 5 min upto 5 hours or unlimited).
– LED ID for ALL APPS on your Phone, including Calendar & Task Reminders, Network (data and voice) Coverage, Battery(charging,full,low) CALL CONNECT and much more.
– LED Night Profile: schedule what LED Lights you want to auto disable or lower color brightness at night, will show a small app icon on home screen when activated.

——— Popup Feature ———-
– Popups can Mark as read/ delete/ call/ open app/ reply/ forward and so much more.
– Control Popups time.
– Popups for all apps supported in the LED feature, extremely customizable, put a different color for each app popup.
– Popups can wake up phone screen from standby, no more touching your phone to see the messages.
– popup for battery charging, full and low with battery percentage and time.

——- Phone Calls Features —-
– Redial Feature: Provides a redial screen for unanswered or failed dialed calls.
– Speaker Feature: Provides auto loud speaker activation for all calls or only selected call directions.
– Save Number: Prompts to save new numbers which are not in your phone contact list, for incoming or dialed numbers.
– Call Timer (duration) Notification: Provides call duration notification during a call.
– Vibrate for ALL Call Events : including the popular CALL CONNECT (can be set for outgoing calls only).

——– More Cool Features ——–
– Battery feature: Provides a sound profile for your battery status.
– Vibrates virtual & physical keypad when pressing keys.
– Screen Back-light control: keep screen light on for as long as you want when charging or in any menu.
– Alert Me sound profile: now you can be reminded about anything you miss on your phone, choose your own sound and vibration settings.

——– Additional App Features ——–
– Backup / restore all settings using Memory Card.
– Is EXTREMELY small in SIZE, with very small BATTERY & memory utilization. COMPARE !!


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