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– Photo Editor Ultimate Free v2.8.0

Photo Editor Ultimate Free v2.8.0: Photo Editor Ultimate Free is the ultimate free photo…

Info :

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Photo Editor Ultimate Free is the ultimate free photo editor for your BlackBerry®! You can edit your images easily and send them to all your friends. A menu item will be shown when you use the file explorer and select images, which makes it easy to start editing.

Update 2.6:
We have received a lot of feedback from the previous versions and for that we have created Photo Editor Ultimate Free completely from the ground up again! The new version is sometimes 4X faster, will show a wait indicator describing what is being calculated at the moment, contains a new interface, and has more options! If you upgrade, make sure you uninstall the previous version.

– Open file dialog with image preview
– Menu item in file viewer for images
– Rotate
– Change the brightness
– Change the contrast
– Resize
– Apply color effects (sepia, negative, grayscale)
– Partly color the image by (see screenshots)
– Save the image to the memory or sdcard using a save file dialog
– Send image by email as an attachment
– Upload to Imgur, and copies the url to the clipboard
– In case you want to start over, you can reload the image


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