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– BeBuzz up date To v.4.0.60

A year after its release, BerryBuzz for BlackBerry will now be known by its new name, BeBuzz. The app is an alert tool for BlackBerry users, allowing owners to assign custom LED light colors to about anything on their device. This includes emails, SMS and calls from specific contacts to missed calls, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and many 3rd party apps.

OTA Link OS 4.2. and up :

OTA Link OS 4.7 and up :

OTA link OS 5  :

OTA link OS 6 :

Version 4.0 update:

  • BerryBuzz is now BeBuzz!
  • Toasts – Shows small unobtrusive messages at the bottom or top of the screen for notifications and incoming messages
  • BlackBerry Sound Profile Settings – Enable/disable LED, audible reminders, vibrate and toasts depending on your active BlackBerry sound profile
  • Custom Disco Colors – Now you can finally create your own disco colors! Share them via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.
  • New Flashing Type “Smooth Pulse” – In addition to the regular LED flashing BeBuzz 4 adds the option to use a smooth pulsing LED light
  • Completely Reworked User Interface – Sleeker, cleaner and more powerful
  • More bug fixes, many minor changes and improvements


source : CrackBerry

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