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– Automotive Pocket Guide BlackBerry Application

Automotive Pocket Guide BlackBerry Application

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At the beginning of this year, VEELABS launches Automotive Pocket Guide, the newest Super App BlackBerry that will be a huge breakthrough. Automotive Pocket Guide is the first and only all-in-one Advanced On-Device Portal BlackBerry giving complete up to date Automotive information.

Automotive Pocket Guide provides sophisticated features which are very useful for anyone using cars or motorcycles, such as

–         real-time traffic information update,

–         nearest workshop locations with GPS technology,

–         newest Automotive news with Real Push Technology,

–         vehicles pricing information,

–         Automotive events calendar,

–         and many other interesting features.

Similar with previous Pocket Guide Apps developed by VEELABS, Automotive Pocket Guide gives convenience for the users because of

–         its stable, quick loading,

–         user friendly

–         and reliable qualities.

With Automotive Pocket Guide, now all Indonesian Automotive lovers can gather in the mobile community within this advanced BlackBerry Application.

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