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– BeBuzz Free Lite

BeBuzz *Free* allows you customize the LED color and create repeating audible reminders for incoming and missed calls. Plus it adds customizable vibrate for incoming calls. Finally you an have your BlackBerry® vibrates while it is ringing.
Link :

    * Customizable LED color and set an individual repeating alert for
    * – Missed phone calls
    * Customizable LED color for
    * – Incoming Call
    * When multiple alerts are active at the same time, every color will flash in a repeating pattern.
    * Customizable rapid flashing LED for incoming phone calls
    * Customizable vibrate for incoming calls. Vibrates while ringing.
    * “Disco” LED color, will flash all colors in sequence
    * Optimized for minimum battery and memory usage
    * Automatically runs when your BlackBerry® is started
Features available in the full version
    * Customizable LED color and set an individual repeating alert for
    * – E-Mails  individual for every account
    * – SMS/MMS
    * – PIN Messages
    * – Level 1 messages
    * – BlackBerry® Messenger
    * – ICQ
    * – AOL Instant Messenger
    * – Windows Live Messenger
    * – Google Talk
    * – Yahoo! Messenger
    * – Facebook
    * – Calendar
    * – Tasks
    * Customizable LED color for
    * – Coverage Indicator
    * Optional slow down or stop of LED flashing after specified time to save battery life
    * Create your own customized LED colors
    * Define a custom schedule when all LED flashing and reminders will automatically be muted


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