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– SuperHero Solo

Free application For Lock, Locate and Recover your lost or stolen BlackBerry®.
Link :
1 in 5 smartphone users experience lost or stolen phones. if it happens to you’s free application protects the data on the device, deters the thief  by settiing off a siren and makes it easy for a good samaritan to report your BlackBerry found ( even when locked).
We can even lock your BlackBerry before you know its gone – just set your profile and if the BlackBerry is used in a unusual way we lock it down. work with the world’s largest Retailers, Telecoms carriers and Insurance companies globally providing mobile device security – for laptops and entry level phones too. We provide security solution to large companies and governments also.
Check out the Mobile Superhero PRO version at
SuperHero Solo is an application for all BlackBerry® devices running OS 4.2.1 and above.
Feature :
  • Remote phone lock / unlock protects your phone and data
  • Phone contact back up / restore allows you to recover vital data
  • Phone locks automatically after an unauthorised SIM card change
  • Device Siren makes the phone a risk to handle
  • Incoming calls allowed to lost or stolen phone when locked
  • Calls to allowed from lost or stolen phone to encourage returns
  • Autolock functions lock phone following unusual usage
  • Inactivity/call pattern/country dialling/roaming locks


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