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– PrivacyStar v1.0.67

PrivacyStar v1.0.67
Unlimited Caller ID, Unlimited Call Blocking and Complaint Filing! Plus New Features!
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Get your FREE 7 day trial now!
PrivacyStar has two new incredible features – SmartBlock & Do Not Disturb SMS responses.  Also, it is easy to share blocked numbers now!
Monthly Subscription pricing with Annual & Semi-Annual Discounts available within the app…
PrivacyStar offers the first Caller ID feature allowing you to find the name for any number in your call log.  Simply select “Lookup with PrivacyStar” from your call log and within seconds PrivacyStar will tell you the name of most callers (some wireless carriers do not publish subscribers’ names).
Getting Unwanted Calls from bill collectors, telemarketers or a crazy ex?  Just select “Block with PrivacyStar” from your call log! It’s that easy! Also block ALL UNKNOWN & PRIVATE NUMBERS, or 1-800#s using our Group Blocking feature. Our SmartBlock feature ranks the top 25 most blocked numbers by PrivacyStar users and automatically blocks them.
Feature Highlights:
Caller ID            
Block unwanted callers from your call log menu or enter numbers manually
Block all private or unknown callers
SmartBlock automatically blocks the top 25 numbers blocked by PrivacyStar users
Do Not Disturb feature automatically sends an SMS to the caller with your own personal message such as “I’m in a meeting and will call you back”
Report potential violators of Do Not Call laws to authorities
Share blocked numbers with other PrivacyStar users
Fully integrated with your personal PrivacyStar portal
Works on OS 4.5 and higher which includes most BlackBerry® phones model 8320 and higher!

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