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– Aerize Card Loader

Function :
Applications to solve memory problems (save applications/themes to media card)

Version : 1.1.0
Size : 74 KB

More About Aerize Card Loader
Get the most out of your BlackBerry device by installing limitless applications from removable media cards; the size of your SD Card is all that is left to worry about. This user-friendly app will install and remove applications on your device from any removable media card.
Running applications, storing files, and managing the system all use the same memory on BlackBerry devices. Unfortunately this limits the amount of games and applications that can reliably be loaded onto the device at one time. After you have installed Aerize Card Loader, this limit will be forever shattered, allowing you to load applications and games directly from a SD Card.
– User-friendly and easy to use
– Load applications directly to SD card
– Install applications from an SD card
– Swap in games and applications to device memory only when needed
– Enhance BlackBerry performance
– Minimum Requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.2+. But not running in OS5
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